Mall simulator
in which I fight
22 ants to shop
at the fat girl
clothing store.
Where there is underwear
turned obsessive
with scrutiny.
An ant mall playing
a mall mall.
A dressing room
in which I watch
a telephone pole burst
into flames,
presumably after
lightning struck.
Obsessive simulator
in which I look
at my gutlessness,
or rather, my gutful stomach.
Flame-bursting underwear.
Pretend stomachs
can smooth out gutsy
ants in no time.
22 stomachs.
I call ants to ask
about the underwear.
All guts.
I can sit
on a public bench
in front of
the fat girl clothing store
and think about


Camp Snoopy Can't Help with This One

by Lizzy Sobiesk


Lizzy Sobiesk

Lizzy Sobiesk is a poet based out of the Hudson Valley in New York. This is her first publication.

Payment can be given at @Lizzy-Sobiesk on Venmo

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