At the bottom
of the rainbow,
there is a peach
world and a drone
taking pictures

for us, know-
nothings who

salivate over
metal, sending
one precious
to look for
more precious.
A pot of gold
has no juice,
which I can
love, no doubt.
Forgive me
my pining, my
graces punctual,
as I hope and
I pray that
at the bottom
of this compact
disc, there is
a beautiful
woman with
a pit in her hand,
no lair about it,
no gold in this
glamour, and
it’s years ago
again when
I’m there,
on peach Earth,
asking her
to prom.


Compact Disc

by Jen Frantz

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Jen Frantz

Jen Frantz currently works at a library in Ohio. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in Prelude, Sporklet, and Washington Square Review. You can find her @frantzophone. 

Payment can be given at @Jen-Frantz on Venmo