i talked to my therapist last week

about sucking down an entire can of sweetened condensed milk

      while bathing in the glow of the refrigerator

                                                       the cold glow of the refrigerator rested heavy and soft

                                                                           like the eyes of the dead, who do not judge

            the dead do not pass judgement on milk or on masturbation

on stained floors or on swollen cheeks

                                                          with swollen cheeks pressed to the stained floor

                              i half dreamt of chicken feathers and warm rain



i talked to my therapist last week

by Rebecca Stevens

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Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens (she/her) was raised on the island of Kaua'i. She is currently studying Psychology and Creative Writing at Haverford College, and post-grad intends to return home and give back to her community by connecting people with mental health resources. She believes that home-baked bread and radical hospitality have the potential to transform the world, and dreams about the queer future resting just over the horizon.

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