Sloan Asakura


Sloan Asakura (she/he/they) is a poet and memoirist originally from Los Angeles, who has recently returned home after journeys in the Pacific Northwest. Having graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in English Creative Writing and Linguistics minor, Sloan spends most of their time working under the thumb of the capitalist machine. Their hobbies include cooking, gardening, and collecting moths. Their work has been published in Jeopardy Magazine, Rigorous, The Mantle, Rogue Agent, and O:JA&L.

ezikio quintana


ezikio quintana (they) is an ecologist and poet, born and raised in hawaii under the military occupation of the united states. they are currently studying natural resources and environmental management at the university of hawaii at manoa. their passions include aloha aina, botany, agriculture, linguistics, radical education, indigenous futurisms, and music. their work has been published in Jeopardy Magazine.

victoria hempe

media editor

victoria hempe (she/they) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in  los angeles. after studying digital media at the london college of communication, she continues to freelance and collaborate, putting on any hat that fits. victoria enjoys daydreaming, mix media experimentation, dressing up her avatar, and taking deep dives into shallow topics.

Garret Walker

poetry reader

Garret Walker (he) is a poet, nonfiction writer, film enthusiast, and proud Zebra Warrior born and raised on the Puget Sound. He's currently working to pay off his student debt by writing emails (yes, emails) for one of the myriad tech start-ups invading The Emerald City. He spends his free time cooking, hiking, and navigating the world of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.